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For LOCATION Women Who Are Ready To Make A Change...

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In The Most Fun & Effective Way With Our 4-Week Kickstart Challenge!

Even if you haven't exercised in a while or not at all!

If you've been wanting to make a change to your health and fitness but hate the thought of "typical gyms" and boring diets, this is the last programme EVER that you will need to commit to, for long lasting results!


You missed out!


This is not a standard gym membership where you scan your card and get on with it by yourself. If that's what you are looking for this isn't for you. This is a programme in which we will guide you step by step to ensure you get the results you came for. As we are a private gym we only have limited spaces available. Reserve yours today.

The #3 Keys To Your Guaranteed Results

Seriously Effective Training

Whether you're brand new to the gym or have experience in the past, we will meet you where you are within your journey to make sure you have the optimal workout specific to YOU! In a short amount of time, you start to get toned and will also notice drastic differences in your strength and fitness levels. With every session you take part in you'll notice progress towards your goals and end results.


Now first of all, we LOVE food and we are not here to take away the foods or drinks you enjoy. What we are going to do is slowly but surely implement some easy to adapt habits into your routine so you can get the results you want, while eating the foods you love in a fun but sustainable way.


If you've ever tried to go to a gym before or start a diet and have failed to achieve your goals, I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault. While most "typical gyms" provide you with a membership card and access to their equipment, we provide the support and accountability around your training to ensure you have consistently HIGH levels of motivation through the 4-week kickstart programme.

In Just 4 Weeks We Will Transform Your Fitness & Figure

  • Coach led and personalised training sessions 2-3 times a week
  • Feel good that you have challenged yourself and achieved your goals.   
  • Regular coaching check ins to keep you accountable 
  • Increase confidence and improve your self esteem 
  • Nutrition guidance that allows you to enjoy your social life and still get results 

Who Is This For?

Women Of All Ages Who Are Willing To Make A Change To Their Fitness & Life

  • Busy professionals (Time crunched? Get in, get out, get fit!)
  • Beginner to exercise (Even if you've never really enjoyed the gym, with us you will still have fun while you get results)
  • Mums who want to look and feel great!  
  • Women of all ages - Who want to kickstart their fitness  

A Note From The Owner Of Potential Personal Training

Maxine Hayes

Dear West Sussex Resident, thank you for landing on this page. This is the first step to becoming happier with your fitness, figure and life. 

Fitness really can change lives (and your life) for the better. I've experienced it myself, but have also witnessed 100's of local residents becoming completely new people. Their fitness and confidence skyrockets, they look better and they have this new found energy and vibrance about them. 

There's a reason you clicked on this page, maybe you're not super happy with where you are right now, with your health and fitness and that's ok. It happens to all of us. That's why we've created the 4-Week Kickstart Programme. So in a short amount of time, you too can take back control and start to feel fitter, healthier and happier.

If you're ready to make a change, click the button below to find out more.

Just Some Of The Results Local Residents Have Achieved

Amazing motivation, support and friendship comes from the trainers and the rest of the group. This is why I would highly recommend Potential PT over a conventional gym any day. I have access to a nutrition plan that has transformed my outlook on food and therefore my life.

Jenny Ferguson

I almost gave up on my health b/c of the frustration from the lack of results within various other programs. However, Potential PT gave me the overall understanding and education as to what I needed to do to create a healthy lifestyle of discipline and focus.

Maria Martins

The personal attention to detail, and pressure-free approach you took , was very much appreciated. But mostly the way you pushed me to do my very best was evident, whilst keeping it fun too! I have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Thank you for the service provided to me so far, and I look forward to you being a part of my health and well-being journey for the future!

Anna Olson

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